Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Program

We love to hear of companies that incorporate health and wellness activities for their staff. We often get asked to appear onsite at a workplace to present seminars on health related topics. Pick a topic, and a member of our team can present on a topic for the day or over the lunch hour even. You may also have coverage for Naturopathic Medicine through your extended healthcare plan.

Inviting one of our team to your workplace can help employees understand the best ways to make use of their benefits. Naturopathic Medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy and clinical counselling are often covered by extended benefits.

Corporate Wellness Package

Our practitioners are excited to offer Corporate Wellness Packages and in-house presentations.  Examples of presentation topics include:

 Stress and its impact on job performance

  • Enhancing the immune system: how to prevent colds and flu
  • Weight loss Myths and Balancing Blood sugar

  • Enhancing mental focus and performance
  • Mental health and the Natural treatment of stress and anxiety

We also offer onsite vitamin B shots, vitamin IV therapy, acupuncture and cosmetic acupuncture.


Edgemont Naturopathic Clinic


Promote Fewer Sick Days

Empower your coworkers in health knowledge that will keep their immune systems healthy and reduce the number of sick days they need to keep working at their rested bests!

Team Development

Work together as a team that supports one another in each other’s health goals, and shift your office into a more social setting where people are more comfortable asking one another for support.

Connect your Employees with Our Resources

Meet our doctors, get your naturopathic or health answers questions, ask for a referral on the spot!

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