Micronutrients – Why do they matter?

Micronutrients – Why do they matter?

Micronutrients are essential to maintaining overall health and longevity: brain health, muscle mass, bone density, nervous tissue function, skin health, and blood circulation are among the myriad of bodily functions that rely on adequate stores of these vitamins and minerals every day. Normally, micronutrients are obtained in sufficient amounts with a well-rounded diet including a variety of fruits and vegetables. The preponderance of modern agricultural practices, designed to ward off pests and increase crop yields, has undoubtedly resulted in a food supply with ever-declining nutritional value.

A combination of dietary inadequacy and increased physiological requirements due to ubiquitous daily chemical exposures, chronic stress, or states of ill-health means that oftentimes our bodies’ stores of these essential nutrients are depleted. Replenishing these deficiencies results in more optimal cellular function that acts to slow the progression of aging and degenerative disease alike.

At Edgemont Naturopathic Clinic we offer Micronutrient testing. A simple blood test allows us to measure the body’s stores of 31 vitamins, minerals, amino/ fatty acids, and antioxidants to better tailor your IV therapy, supplementation, or nutritional recommendations. Ask us at your next appointment if this type of testing is right for you!

-Simone O’Sheehan