Naturopathic Support for Cancer

Naturopathic Support for Cancer

Q: I have recently been diagnosed with cancer. How can Naturopathic Medicine help me?


A: Over 80% of people with cancer are choosing to use naturopathic medicine alongside their conventional treatments. Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) provide evidence-informed guidance on safe and effective use of natural and supportive therapies, when combined with standard treatments. Naturopathic physicians use a variety of therapies, which include clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, acupuncture, intravenous treatments and lifestyle counseling. Combining conventional medicine and naturopathic medicine can support the pursuit of best possible outcomes for patients.

With this approach, quality of life can be improved and the patient is supported for optimal health and well-being: physically, mentally and emotionally. NDs use natural and supportive therapies to try to reduce side effects, support conventional care, and prevent recurrence. These therapies may require a variety of approaches, namely intravenous treatments and supplements. Based on the type of cancer or the side effects of the chemotherapy or radiation treatment, there are a wide range of Naturopathic supplements and individualized intravenous treatments to improve the quality of life for a patient. Please reach out to us and book in your appointment – we will be happy to assist you find the right treatment plan.

Dr. Sanjay Mohan Ram, BSc, ND has been supporting patients with various forms of cancer since 2004. He is booking telemedine and in-person consults Tuesdays and Fridays.