IV Therapy

Vitamin IV therapy involves the use of vitamins directly administered into the bloodstream as a means of supporting the immune system and enhancing general health. The vitamins administered are often at higher doses than would be tolerated orally, and as such, may: support recovery from cold & flu, seasonal allergies and headaches; enhance hydration and improve energy.  


Recline Back and Let the Professionals Take Care of You

All you need to do is lean back in a comfy chair and relax for 20-60 minutes while the IV drips. Each patient is assessed in regards to their specific goals and health history prior to the administration of any IV. Physicians will assess any medications the patient is on prior to the IV. IV’s are administered in our spa 

Patients who might benefit from this treatment may have difficulty obtaining enough nutrients from their diet, have frequent colds and flus, jet lag, dehydration, or want to prepare for a sporting event.


*please note that IV therapy is not given to patients who have not eaten within an hour of their treatment. Please ensure you are well hydrated for your session.

*patients on blood thinners cannot receive IV’s.

Cathryn Coe

Edgemont Naturopathic Clinic


Safe and Effective

IV therapies have been prescribed by doctors for over a century and hundreds of Naturopathic Doctors have been using this safe and effective therapy for over a decade. 

Administered in Clinic

At Edgemont Clinic your IV will be administered by an ND or RN. We will discuss your medical history with you before your session to rule out any potential risks.

Come Fed and Ready!

Please ensure that you are well-hydrated and you have eaten within an hour before IV treatment.

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